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Method and Process

The TERACELL method: our team takes care of introducing the customer to a shared and cutting-edge technological-sensory experience.


  • Presentation

    of the Team (the property, the researchers, the consultants)

  • Visit of the laboratories

    and the pilot plant

  • Visit of the Pant

    of industrial fermentation

  • Confrontation and brain storming

    with presentation of customer needs and technical discussion

  • Offering customized solutions

    and specifications (for the improvement of products in the specific reality of the customer and the development of new products) with quality control and specific technical support

As often happens when moving into uncharted territory trying to develop new ideas and ways to tackle a problem, it seems so obvious to get the final product once the discovery is made or the breakthrough has happened. It’s hard to believe it took so long and one wonders why it wouldn’t have been possible to do it in a few days. Frustrations and mistakes, dead ends and the occasional moments of success are integral to the creative process. There appears to be a natural gestation period and this is simply the nature of things. However, once the problem has been focused and solved, it is extremely satisfying and enormously exciting.


  • Selection

    of the best strains on the required characteristics

  • Technological characterization

    of strains for food and industrial applications

  • Genetic identification

    of the strains

  • Validations of the strains

    in the laboratory and on a pilot plant

  • Industrial production

    of the strains in fresh or dried form